Past editions

2015 – Second Edition

Richard Bentall (University of Liverpool, UK); Title of lecture: “From social risk factors to psychotic symptoms.

Richard J. McNally (Harvard University, USA); Title of lecture: “Experimental and network analyses of PTSD and complicated grief.

Marcel van den Hout (University of Utrecht, Netherlands); Title of lecture: “Network theory and the experimental psychopathology of OCD”.

Nira Liberman (Tel Aviv University, Israel); Title of lecture: “Transcending psychological distance: a Construal Level Theory perspective”.

Link to the videos of main relations – RWEP 2015

2014 – First Edition

David Clark (University of Oxford, UK) Developing new psychological treatments: on the interplay between theories, experimental science and clinical innovation

Graham Davey (University of Sussex, UK) 10 Reasons why Clinical Psychology needs Experimental Psychopathology

Reuven Dar (Tel Aviv University, Israel) Doubt in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Exploring its Scope and Underlying Mechanisms

Ernst Koster (Ghent University, Belgium) Experimental psychopathology research into cognitive biases: One size does not fit all

Francesco Mancini (Scuola di Psicoterapia Cognitiva, Roma) Fear of deontological guilt and disgust in OCD

Interview to David Clark 

Interview to Graham Davey